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You might notice something a little different about the waterfront at York Street Park this winter. Starting Jan. 15, a huge interactive art piece will be taking over and it’s going to seriously light up the night. The temporary installation is called Loop, and will feature six incredible rides that emit lights and sounds when in use. This epic Loop Installation In Toronto is large enough for two people, making it the perfect date idea if you’re looking for something new in the city. 

According to Toronto’s Waterfront BIA website, Loop acts as a cross between a railway handcar and a music box.

In a press release made available to Narcity, we learned that the two-metre-wide circle operates with a hand lever and features a series of black and white images on the interior.

“It activates when a group of people work a hand lever, revealing a lit-up image cylinder that creates the illusion of motion in the drawings," the release explains.

"The participants are in total control of the speed of the images, the frequency at which the light flickers and the rhythm of the audio composition."

OK, seriously, who’s ready to roll into some epic winter fun?

The Loop installation comes on the heels of Impulse, a previous exhibit that featured giant light-up seesaws for people to ride at Harbourfront Centre. 

Loop will lead into the February Family Day launch of Winter Stations, which will feature even more interactive art for you to marvel at.

The best part is, you don’t necessarily need to ride the loops to enjoy them.

With all of the colourful lights and calming sounds, all you’ll have to do is take a stroll through the park to see what it’s all about.

So, if you missed out on all of the nostalgic fun from Impulse, now’s your chance for redemption.

Whether you’re in need of a fresh new date night idea or are simply looking to make last-minute plans with your BFF, why not give Loop a try?

Of course, if you’re a real art lover, the upcoming Winter Stations event will certainly grab your attention with all of its amazing additions. 

And in the meantime, you can satisfy your love for Toronto art by visiting the Yonge and St. Clair area, which has basically been transformed into a street art paradise.

Loop @ Toronto Waterfront 

Price: Free

When: Jan. 15 until Feb. 9

Address: York Street Park, York Street, and Queens Quay West, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: You and your besties can light up the night with a wild musical ride unlike any other. 

Photo by @towaterfront/instagram