Toronto's Futuristic New Condos Have Voice-Activated Walls & Singing Toilets

Is 2020 the year when technology finally takes over? You’ve heard of smart homes before, but these brand new Toronto condos are taking home tech to shocking new levels. We’re talking walls that change from glass to opaque at the sound of your voice, closets that steam your clothes, and so much more. So strap in, because we’re taking a trip to the future. 

Designed by Tridel, these futuristic and extravagant units are situated in Toronto’s Waterfront area at 10 York St.

Everything in these units is controlled by voice, touch, or phone apps.

And, in addition to wild technology, these condos also come with excellent city views.

Just roll up the voice-activated blinds and have a peek outside. 

And if you’ve ever wondered what life is like for Canadian celebrities, just take a seat on the musical toilet. It’s the same one Drake has at his house. Yep.

According to a release, the powder room features a smart toilet with built-in speakers to play music, a heated seat and foot warmer, and more.*

So, one could say that when it comes to bathroom fixtures, this porcelain throne will very much be the best you ever had.

You’ll also find kitchen sinks that pour glasses of water to exact measurements, a smart oven that you can preheat from your couch, wireless charging pads, and more.

Most of the tech in these homes can work with Alexa or other smart home assistants.

Hey, Alexa, buy us a unit?

Jackson Photography & Design | Tridel

The mirrors in these incredible homes even come with their own built-in selfie lighting. Yaaas!

And, on nights when you really want to relax, you can use the smart tech to draw a bath without ever leaving your bed. 

Um, that’s the actual dream.

Jackson Photography & Design | Tridel

With all this tech talk, you might imagine these condos to be cluttered with electronics, but that is not the case.

Each unit blends technology and design seamlessly, leaving you with a gorgeous space to (potentially) call your own. 

You can admire the pristine marble bathrooms, huge bright windows, and general minimalist vibe.

Jackson Photography & Design | Tridel

Pricing has not yet been confirmed, but for what it's worth, Tridel's Ten York website lists a two-bedroom-plus den condo sized at 2,009 square feet as starting at $2.65 million.

So it's nice to know what a lottery win could bring, eh?

Now if only we could teach the washing machine to pick those dirty clothes up from the floor.

Source: Narcity Toronto