The best tobogganing hills in Toronto make the mountains of snow more enjoyable for both sledding tots and taboozing adults. With plenty of steep inclines in our city's parks, you've got more than a few options to choose from for post-blizzard entertainment.

Here are the best tobogganing hills in Toronto.

Christie Pits and Bickford Park

There are numerous sledding options here whether you're looking for a thrill or a gradual gradient. The hill just east of the skating rink on the north side of Christie Pits is the busiest and steepest spot. If you're looking for something a little less adventurous, there are plenty of options over at Bickford or at the southern section of the Pits.

Riverdale Park

This park is split in two by the DVP, with the west side acting as the smaller sibling to the eastern hill. This is the better park if you're looking for something less steep. It's certainly a better hill for younger kids, and there's a staircase on the side making climbing to the top much easier. Riverdale Park East is a more thrilling ride.

Withrow Park

This Danforth park is another great spot on the east side. While it's still a steep hill, it's far shorter than some of the other black diamonds on the list and has a set of stairs on the side to make the trek up less of a fitness regime.


Crestview (or Linus Park), located near Earl Bales Park, has a wide hill with a gentle slope. Sandwiched between two schools, this hill is a good spot to ease yourself into tobogganing if you're a newbie.

High Park

While a large majority of High Park's hills are banned, tobogganing is still permitted in Howard Park and Parkside Drive, where you can enjoy a pretty thrilling ride. There are also a few smaller hills nearby where you can set up a jump or two.

Trinity Bellwoods

The hill at Trinity Bellwoods may be a beginner run compared to some of the other options on the list, but it's one of the more conveniently-located spots. Come here if you're looking for a few quick runs before a day or evening spent on Queen St. It's also good for the kiddos.

L'Amoreaux Park

This is Scarborough's best kept secret, with little traffic frequenting the spot. Located in the Toronto hydro corridor, L'Amoreux offers a narrow hill with a longer run-out than many others, so there's no chance you'll run into obstacles below.

Gladhurst Park

Gladhurst Park can be found at the southeast corner of Eglinton Flats. It has a fast, steep, curved run to satisfy those looking for a thrilling ride. The entrance is just off of Astoria Avenue with street parking available.

Chapman Park

This is the spot to go to in Richmond Hill, with a popular toboggan hill that starts from Hunter's Point Park and leads into the area with the hill. While it's not the widest slope out there, it's an unobstructed hill with a nice long run-out, so you don't need to worry about colliding with the fence enclosing the baseball diamond at the bottom.

Rennie Park

Rennie Park at Ellis and the Queensway is the spot to embrace all things winter. There's a skating rink and a hockey pad, but the Rennie Hill, located on the southwest side of the park near the school, is the place to go for a relatively steep sled ride with wide open terrain.

Photo credit: Andrew Railton