Should I buy now or should I wait?

Okay GTA - the real estate market is starting to balance out. Have you ready the recent statistics being release? It's giving us a pretty clear picture. Home sales and down, inventory is up, and  home prices have taken a wee bit of a decline in the last couple of months. The million dollar question of course is - will it continue or should I buy now? 

While I certainly can't predict where house prices will go in the future, I DO know that if you're looking to buy today - you'll have less competition and more choice than you did six month ago. People in the last few weeks have actually been able to negotiate for the first time in years. So is now the right time - I say yes! Absolutely!

Remember you are in real estate for the long haul - or at least you should be. So if your finances are solid and you intend to keep your home for at least a few years then yes - jump in now while the market is quieter. If prices do drop in the next few months, it won't be long before we are in the frenzy again with rising prices and intense competition. 

What you really need to rememer is that real estate is a long term investment - not a get rich quick scheme. So take your time because you can - and purchase a home that makes sense for you. Do your research and look at some options. Then take the plunge and I promise you - it will pay off.