Elizabeth Keith for Narcity Toronto

It's the beginning of another month and as 2018 continues to fly by before our eyes, we are inching even closer to winter. That means winter weather is just around the corner. 

In fact, according to the long-range forecast Ontario can expect to see snow, cold temperatures, and other winter weather in the next two weeks. 

Every season, the Farmer's Almanac - the age-old and highly trusted source for long-term weather forecasts - releases a sneak peek of what the season will bring. They also release a week by week weather breakdown for the next two months for a specific region. In this case, we're looking at all of Southern Ontario. 

According to the Almanac, November in Ontario is going to be relatively warm but also super wet. The first two weeks, on the other hand, are rough. This week the Almanac predicts the weather will be cold and have snow showers.

Next week is going to be even worse, with rain followed by snow flurries and seriously cold temperatures. From November 12th to the 23rd, it's going to be rainy but, thankfully, a bit warmer. 

Via Farmer's Almanac

Fortunately, after over three weeks of wet and wintery weather,the weather takes a brief but nice turn. From November 24th to the 27th, the Almanac predicts that not only will it be mild out but also sunny. The sun is short lived though and the last few days of November will see a return to rain and snow.

Overall, the month is going to above average, but not always in a good way. The temperature throughout November will be on average 5°C, which is three degrees warmer than normal. We will also have 105 mm of precipitation throughout the month, which is 30 mm more than normal - meaning it's going to be ridiculously wet all month. 

Via Farmer's Almanac

As for the December forecast, if you love snow at the holidays, you're in luck. December is not only going to be a pretty average month temperature wise, but there will be snow every week. 

It's a great forecast if you love a white Christmas but otherwise,you're going to miserable. Throughout December, the average temperature is -6°C, which is below freezing and below average. December in Ontario is also due for 60 mm of precipitation, so it's going to be another wet one. 

With all that in mind, you may want to pull out your winter clothes sooner rather than later and put your snow tires back on your car before it's too late.