June 2017 Market Statistics

The Ontario government’s fair housing plan, introduced in April, has had little real effect on the new home market in the GTA. Prices continue to increase and supply — especially for single-family low-rise homes, — continues to be low.

In May, the GTA’s new housing market showed few signs of slowing down, particularly the condominium segment, according to Altus Group BILD’s official source for new-home market intelligence.

Sales of new condo apartments in high-rise and mid-rise buildings, and stacked townhomes — which are also known by the term multi-family housing — continued to be strong and the prices of available units increased substantially.

Meanwhile, prices of available homes in the low-rise single-family segment, which include detached, semi-detached and townhomes, were also up — albeit not as dramatically as in previous months. That being said, in May, for the first-time the average asking price for available new townhomes surpassed the $1-million mark. Available new detached homes reached that milestone only 15 months ago, and in May the average asking price for the few such homes that were available was $1,942,316.

For full details on the market statistics for June 2017 - http://www.trebhome.com/market_news/market_watch/2017/mw1706.pdf