By Patrick John Gilson

If you’re currently living in the 6ix, chances are you’ve noticed that although we were hit by an early winter storm this month, Toronto weather has been pretty bearable lately. Unfortunately, that’s all about to change this weekend thanks to an incoming Colorado low and a bomb cyclone. Yes, southern Ontario is in for a fun-filled weekend full of potential snowfall, ice pellets, and freezing rain, so if you were thinking of doing anything other than hiding inside, maybe don’t do that.

So, what exactly is a bomb cyclone, and why does it sound so horrifying?

Well, according to Weather Network, these super pushy storms are a way of life for Atlantic Canada, and they bring with them some of the worst weather fall and winter have to offer, including heavy snow and damaging winds.

The bomb occurs when the flow from the warm Gulf Stream and the cold air flooding down from northern Quebec and Hudson Bay collide and create misery for everyone, especially all of us lucky folks who will be stuck Christmas shopping in the GTA this weekend.

"Many people across the Greater Toronto Area may be waking up to light snow on Sunday, but by the afternoon, the back edge of the snow should be east of the GTA as it continues through eastern parts of the province," explains Weather Network meteorologist Nadine Hinds-Powell.

The northern and eastern regions of Toronto are expected to get the worst of the snow with initial estimations showing anything between 5-10 cm of the white stuff.

However, accumulations of up to 15 cm are also possible over parts of eastern Ontario, hooray!


Torontonians living in the city’s western and southern regions won’t exactly be spared though as ice pellets and freezing rain are expected to wreak havoc in those areas.

Significant ice accumulation is also supposed to plague just west of the GTA near Kitchener and Waterloo.

So, depending on where you live in Toronto, you might want to have an umbrella handy this weekend, and you’re going to want to bundle up either way.