10 Canadian Celebrities as Toronto Neighbourhoods That Are Extremely Accurate

Enter Blog Post HereToronto is home to tons of neighbourhoods that attract hundreds of different people. Sometimes it can be hard to describe them but easier to relate them to people and what they represent. So, check out which celebrities we think best describe each neighbourhood! 

1. Drake // Forest Hill 

Drake is easy considering he grew up in Forest Hill, though he emulates his roots even still after moving to the Bridal Path. From his style to his persona, the rapper has always maintained a very luxe image for himself much like the inhabitants of Forest Hill. 

2. Jim Carrey // Entertainment District

Like the Entertainment District, Jim Carrey is unbelievably entertaining and hilarious. Not to mention the district is home to several comedy clubs including Yuk Yuk's, Corner Comedy and Second City. The famous comedian matches perfectly with this comedy club packed neighbourhood! 

3. Rachel McAdams // Leslieville

Like Rachel McAdams, Leslieville is quaint and understated but a beautiful neighbourhood in the city! It doesn't always get the attention it deserves all the time but that doesn't take away from the modest charm the area has, just like McAdams!

4. Justin Bieber // Downtown Core

Justin Bieber keeps it pretty simple when he comes to the city and sticks to the mainstream areas, taking in hockey games at the Air Canada Centre and maybe stopping by Eaton Centre for some Purpose tour merch. It's evident that the mainstream celebrity and this mainstream spot in the city go hand and hand together!

5. Ryan Gosling // Parkdale

Ryan Gosling is too hip it hurts, and if there is any neighbourhood in Toronto that emulates that, it's definitely Parkdale. Both keep current and cool but make it look effortless at the same time! 

6.  Ryan Reynolds // Distillery District 

Though Reynolds is from Vancouver, he has a lot in common with the Distillery District. Like Distillery, Reynolds has a cutting edge personality but at the same time is still very classic. Both have the perfect mix of modern and classic to make for both a great neighbourhood and great actor!  

7. Celine Dion // Yorkville 

Celine Dion is pure glamour just like the neighbourhood of Yorkville. From her top notch style to her ability to be bougie in the most authentic way, her style and personality are much like the glamorous but professional stores that line the luxe neighbourhood's streets. 

8.  Shania Twain // Richmond Hill

Even though Richmond Hill is a bit more out in the country end of the city, the neighbourhood is beautiful. Just like Shania Twain the area has a relatable charm with a touch of country that warms the heart of any visitor! 

9. Michael Cera // Kensington Market 

Kensington Market is unique and always changing as opposed to other neighbourhoods in the city. Much like the artsy neighbourhood, Michael Cera is eccentric and at times odd but we love him for it.  

10. Michael Bublé // Old Town Toronto

Old Town Toronto and Michael Bublé are a perfect fit considering the neighbourhood is littered with jazz bars. The Canadian crooner couldn't meet a better fit in the city! It's even been mentioned that before his fame Bublé used to perform in some of the bars across Toronto for exposure!