What clients say about Lesli

By: Lisa, Leaside
"While there are always lots of reasons behind successful transactions, it was very obvious to us that what you did had a huge impact on ours ... your commitment, your great ideas, your levelheadedness and your very hard work!"

By: Jamie and Serena, North Toronto
"Originally, we approached Lesli to just benchmark our existing agent. She put a marketing plan together over a weekend and, on that basis, she won the business. We knew that we made the right decision on the first day. She's a wonderful person, and she has the right combination of market knowledge, tenacity and work ethic to deliver the very best results for her clients." 

By: Jennifer and Chris, The Beach
"Living out of province and trying to buy an investment property in Toronto sounds like a challenge. But, with Lesli, it wasn't. Lesli honed in on our needs, motivation, financing and timing and we quickly came to trust her professional input implicitly, We knew that when she called to say she had found the perfect property for us, it was time to get on a plane and come to Toronto to buy it." 

By: Jennifer, East York
"I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for how you supported my mom through the sale of her home. Having lived there for 45 years, raised two daughters there, it's more than a transaction to her. Mom has had nothing but great things to say about you and how you've coached her from day one, and boy did it pay off! This could have been a much tougher process and I really appreciate the time, respect, sensitivity and professionalism you've shown mom, she's very lucky to have you on her side." 

By: Matt and Megan, Wanless Park
"Thank you so much for all your help, guidance and ongoing support! You definitely made this process easier to navigate." 

By: Dianne, East York
"Lesli taught me about what she calls the four cornerstones of sales success ... timing, pricing marketing and staging ... by getting it done. I wouldn't work with anyone else to buy or sell." 

By: Kevin and Heather, Unionville
"There may be several homes for sale in our neighbourhood but, thanks to our real estate agent Lesli, ours is no longer one of them."